Meet our managing team


Managing Director, CEO

Mr. Wieberneit has spent more than 25 years in the semiconductor industry, serving in different R&D, CTO and General Manager positions at Intel, Lantiq, Trident, Micronas and Infineon Technologies. With his background in semiconductor technology and SoC products and management experience of the fabless chip maker business he brings the leadership and visionary power to EXTOLL to proceed its journey on becoming the leading supplier for cutting-edge interconnect IP.  

»Extoll’s low-power interconnect technology empowers next generation SoC connectivity.«

Dr. Ulrich 

Managing Director, CFO & COO

Dr. Krackhardt is a physicist with expertise in optical signal transmission and measurements. After several years in this field, he become the managing director of a company with about 200 employees. He also founded and co-founded several software development and optical technology companies. He brings significant experience leading companies and proven skills in analyzing, planning, and organizing business models and processes to EXTOLL.   

»Flexible business models are paramount for customer experience in semiconductor IP.«

Dr. Mondrian 

Managing Director, CTO

Dr. Nüssle is one of the co-founders of EXTOLL. He has more than 12 years of experience in research and development. In these years he participated in a number of research and industrial projects in the areas of computer architecture, low-level software, and RTL hardware design. Dr. Nüssle has worked on the EXTOLL project from the beginning and helped design and implement both the hardware and software. As the leader of the software and hardware engineering teams, he defines the technical vision for EXTOLL.   

»Digital-centric design enables us to reach superior PPA, robustness, and portability for our interconnect IPs.«

Prof. Dr. Ing. Ulrich 

Chief Scientist

Prof. Brüning is one of the co-founders of EXTOLL. He is a renowned researcher in the area of computer architecture with a long track record of designing parallel hardware architectures and interconnection networks. Prof. Brüning is a professor of computer architecture at the University of Heidelberg, and co-founded and was the CEO of a company that offered several unique sequential and parallel UNIX computing systems. He has worked on numerous parallel and high-performance machines and architectures. He designed the hardware for the function-parallel machine „Starlet“ in 1983 and the node architecture for the SUPRENUM parallel machine (an initiative to build a German supercomputer from 1985 to 1990). In 1993, he architected the parallel MANNA computer based on the Intel i860 processor and custom ASICs. Until 1995, he also took part in the development of the massively parallel machine PowerMANNA based on the Motorola PowerPC620. In 2003, he presented the HPC interconnection network ATOLL, which was a precursor to EXTOLL. Within EXTOLL he sets the research strategy and direction and manages collaboration with academia.   

»Cutting-edge design methodologies are the vital ingredient for successful high-performance interconnect IP.«